Rum Balls

It’s 2016 now and Christmas just passed, so naturally I’ve been doing some baking. Which is why I made 3 batches of this. I can safely say the recipe works. It is good to be very exact when measuring out the rum otherwise the batch will be too potent and strong. My aunt gave me this recipe so here it is with minor alterations:


1/4 cup (50g) chopped raisins (this is optional) 

1/4 cup (60ml) dark rum

3/4 cup (65g) desiccated coconut 

2 cups chocolate cake crumbs 

1/4 cup (60ml) sweetened condensed milk

Chocolate sprinkles to coat


1. Combine the raisins and one table spoon of rum in a small saucepan over low heat. Bring to a simmer.

2. Remove from heat and set aside for 5 minutes to macerate.

3. Place the raisin mixture, the remaining rum (if you aren’t using raisins take a teaspoon out anyway), cake crumbs, coconut and condensed milk in a medium bowl.

4. Stir until well combined.

5. Place the chocolate sprinkles in a bowl and get a container ready. Then roll a teaspoon of mixture into a ball and coat with sprinkles to be placed in the container. Repeat until all mixture is used.

The only thing I changed in this recipe was the way of forming the rum balls. . The original method said to roll them, then place them on baking paper and then coat them. This seemed a bit unecessary to me. I also added some information on how to make them without raisins.


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